12V Portable Tire Inflator Air Compressor


30 in stock


30 in stock

Working voltage: DC12V
• Rating power: 200W
• Inflating Speed: 1.41 CFM
• Maximum Working Pressure 150 PSI
• LED flashlight: Bright Torch
• Display Units: KPA, PSI, BAR, KG/CM
• Ambient Temperature: -4 ℉ ~ +158 ℉

Operating Instructions:

1. Make sure the power switch is OFF (O position) and the vehicle engine is running
2. Connect the Positive battery clamp (Red) to the Positive (+) 2 terminal of the battery and the Negative (-) battery clamp (Black) to the Negative terminal of the vehicle battery.
3. Remove the dust cap from the tire valve, and then attach the air chuck to the tire valve stem, and screw onto tire’s valve stem.
4. Turn on the power switch, press (I) button.
5. Hold “M” button for a few seconds. When display unit is flashing, press (M) button to choose the display unit. (There were 4 display units available: PSI, IPA, BAR, KG/CM). PRESS (-) OR (+) button to set the desired pressure when display unit stops flashing.
6. the Compressor will automatically shut off once the desired pressure is reached.
7. When the desired pressure is reached, turn OFF the power by move the power switch to (O) position.
8. Unscrew the valve connector, place the tire valve dust cap back to the tire & disconnect the power cord from the vehicle battery.
9. How to turn on Flashlight? Move power button switch to (II) position.

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